Time for planting!

February 28, 2018



The evenings are getting brighter, the daffodils are beginning to bloom, this can only mean one thing...spring is just around the corner! Even though winter isn't quite over yet and we still might have to face some really cold days, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for spring and Aspiring Landscapes tells you how.


Many of us look forward to the comforting feel of spring. Warmer temperatures are the obvious reasons, but for many of us, the biggest appeal of springtime is changing scenery, particularly in our own gardens: greenery grows, flowers bloom and the leaves return to trees. It's time for planting!


In an urban area like London, a garden is a treasured commodity. Anyone lucky enough to have their own green space in a sprawling city should ensure they take the utmost care of their garden, and that includes taking necessary to prepare it for spring. By putting in a little effort now, you'll yield results later, with a pretty and peaceful space to enjoy as soon as the temperature rises. Here are four garden maintenance tips to get your dream garden this spring.


Clean up and clear out


Your garden might have been a little neglected over the winter, and therefore probably needs a little tidy up. Get outside and clear up any errant branches or leftover leaves. Take stock of any trees or bushes and trim dead parts where needed. By doing this now, you'll avoid ruining any existing plants or flowers when they begin to bloom.


Give your garden some TLC


A lot of people overlook garden tools maintenance, but it's very much an important part of gardening. Have a look at your garden tools - are they in good shape? They may need a quick clean with warm soapy water. Consider replacing any that look past their best; reliable garden tools are a necessity for garden owner.


Take care of small problems


Little problems can turn into big ones, so be sure to nip them in the bud (pun intended!). Keep a look out for remnants or signs of garden pests, like slugs. You may want to do a full walk around the garden space, checking for any broken fencing, or woodwork that may need re-painting. If things are particularly bad, Aspiring Landscapes can help.


Create a plan


If you're a keen gardener, you'll probably have a vague of what you want to plant this year. However, most of us have busy lives and don't want to waste precious free time researching and planning the minute details of your garden - this is where garden design can be incredibly helpful. Garden landscaping services can provide you with outstanding professional results, leaving you able to relax and enjoy the end result: a beautiful garden that's ready for spring!



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February 28, 2018

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