Planting that matches your garden

Aspiring Landscapes offers all kind of planting: bulbs, perennials, climbing plants, sensory garden, shrubs, trees and more.


Based on the style of garden you want us to create, our highly qualified team of landscapers uses their knowledge and experience to offer you a planting design that suits your garden, preferences and budget. Tall, small, spread, low maintenance, exotic, native , etc., the possibilities and combinations are infinite.


Aspiring Landscapes guarantees that each planting will be cleverly thought, taking into consideration the shapes, heights, colours, soil, weather and surrounding wildlife. 

Release your garden potential

From a nice but ordinary back yard to a vibrant lively garden, what makes the difference is the vegetation and how your planting fits into the space. With one goal in mind which is to achieve your garden's full potential, we use planting to create balance and structure to your garden.


Whether it's fitting a nice rockery, building a bog garden or bringing the final touch to the Japanese garden we've designed and landscaped for you, Aspiring Landscapes is not only adding life to your garden but also creating its true identity in perfect harmony with your home and surroundings.

Planting by Aspiring Landscapes


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