Natural Grass & Turf


Whether it's for its smell or its  natural shiny green colour, turf  is a great option for garden lovers. Working with the best local suppliers, our turf is renowned for its high quality and especially quick recovery from general wear and tear. Particularly adapted to cool climates,  our products thrive throughout all the seasons and weather that make our grass so green and fresh looking.

Conceived to match every lifestyle, we offer different grades of turf to match the personal use of your lawn: whether you're a family with kids and pets running around or the local rugby club, all our lawns are from premium quality to ensure not only a fresh splendid look but also a long lasting life. 

Artificial Lawn

Easy to maintain, always ready and vibrant green all year round, artificial lawns are an increasingly popular item in British gardens and it's easy to understand the reasons why.  

Using a wide range of  products, we can ensure a lawn that not only will look as close of traditional  turf as we can get but  will  also allow you to spend the extra time enjoying your garden  instead of mowing the lawn before  that garden party you have organised.  With different pile heights, colours, shades, shapes and specificities, the options are many and our experts will help you choosing the one that suits your needs better always providing samples so you know what you get before it's laid.    

If you have a lawn enquiry, please contact us to receive a free quotation and see how we can help your garden achieves its full potential.


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